26th August 2014

it’s been a long time since ive felt this uncomfortable too. i need advice bad. how do i stop feeling bloated? can you give me new healthy snack ideas? and i need help. 

26th August 2014

in need of motivation

I let myself go this summer. I didn’t gain back like more than 10 pounds, but i gained back the five i lost at the beginning of fall semester. I’m really uncomfortable and i want to exercise more. My mom gets a little upset when i don’t work out with her though and then i feel bad. We’ve been running like maybe 3 times a week, but its a lot less than what i used to do. i cant wait for school to start so i can re lose the weight and work out when i want and how i want. but i need a little help in getting my motivation back. can anyone give me any advice? 

9th August 2014


Finallyyyyyyy! I’ve been waiting sooooo long, and I can now finally track my steps and calories, and get healthy the right way!